What To Do On Christmas Eve in Cardiff

1. If you enjoyed New Art Cardiff’s review of gallery/ten, then their winter exhibition continues today. It includes new work by gallery artists such as Carwyn Evans, John Abell and Seren Morgan Jones. If finances permit, this could be the ultimate blend of late minute Christmas shopping and contemporary art browsing.

2.  If you’re feeling more like an arm chair and Blue Nun afternoon, then good news – Art Wales’ Visual Arts Daily has just come out! Their stories have come from as wide a source of people as ever.

3. Get on the blower if you fancy attending the Artes Mundi ‘Straight From The Horse’s Mouth’ talks in the New Year. There are a series of scheduled conversations with all the top competing artists – from Carlos Bunga to Karen Mirza – and tickets are said to be limited. Spoil yourself this Christmas.

4. Back to the armchair and fireplace – Wales’ very own Jack Latham has been tweeting today about his latest photographic adventures with VICE in wintry Iceland. It’s lovely and artsy with a very serious undertone. Postpone this option if there are children in the room.

5. If you are a fan of Carwyn Evans (see 1) and fancy a little more, then g39 have recently uploaded their annual round-up of 2014, where Evans receives very warm appreciation.

6. If you’re totally bonkers and none of that appeals, then enjoy the back catalogue of New Art Cardiff. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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